Theme of my scientific research «Technology of straightening combined deformation the lowrigid cylindrical parts».

The theme urgency speaks that in Russia on the given problem the scientific workings out are not conducted, the existing equipment of a machine engineering industry has become outdated. But now, improvement of known technologies with the purpose of improvement of quality of the details, increase in their resource and raising of labor productivity is the major task of modern machine industry.

It is known, that details as of shafts, axis are widely used in

energy, agricultural, mining, textile engineering and home equipment. One of the problems emerging under production of these details present is curvature. For restoration details of the mentioned type it is advisable to retreat from the traditional plan. We could view the method of straitened pressure as a promising and highly accurate method in a great extent devoiding of the above defects which is developed at us on department. Its peculiar property is providing of coherent stable geometry shape of details by reduction or total removal of residual stress without surface damage. My researches are directed to determine optimal parameters of new method of restoration of the form and the sizes for details and to design a machine for industrial application at enterprises.